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Damon Point

In what feels like the end of the United States sits Damon Point. Well at least it feels like that with the drive out to Ocean Shores. No matter what direction you come from it is a long drive. It sits at the far end of Ocean Shores, as far as one can drive. The tides have taken away the state park that was once Damon Point, but now it is open to walking. In winter many birds make their home here, and it is quite the birding spot. Pick a cold winters day, or a sunny summer one, but do this hike. It is one of a kind.

The trailhead is just off the road, find a parking spot and head to the beach, where it drops down to the beach and then start walking the spit of sand to Protection Island. You can walk low to the beach along the open side (you can see Westport across the mouth of Grays Harbor) or you can walk up higher on the vast spit.

The island is not as flat as one might think, but is still relatively flat.

Looking across towards Westport.

They had fun exploring the driftwood sculptures.

Damon has so many pretty rocks and much to the chagrin of some hikers I sat on a log, tucked away, and had fun stacking them with the boys.

Fashion icons? Maybe.

I always love seeing what grows in sand, getting a toe hold in.

Wild strawberry plants.

Trails crisscross the grass areas, and the low ridge of the island is home to many trees and various thorny bushes.

As one crosses the spit, it is easy enough to see the old road (that used to cross the spit as well but is long gone). We jumped up to the road and walked it across the island.

The road is mostly passable, but the island is encroaching on it with every year.

At the end of the road is an old double parking lot and it goes out to the beach, which looks into Grays Harbor. The road is visible as a grey slash in the photo.

Shells abound.

Walker found rope, off a ship and was begging to haul it out. All I could think of was “please let it not be from Japan and be coated in radiation”. At least he wanted to help clean the beach, I’ll give him that.

Hike as much or as little as one wants, on sand or on road. And once you are chilled (even in summer) from the constant buffering winds, head back to town to find a hot latte to melt your ears out…..


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