Shadow Lake Nature Preserve

Tucked into a rural corner of SE King County, between Renton and Maple Valley is the Shadow Lake Nature Preserve which is home to a peat bog. It isn’t fancy, nor is it big, but it is worth the visit with young children to learn more about the ecosystem. Parking is tight, and the driveway comes up fast so keep an eye as you are driving to it. They host schools, so if you see a school bus I would suggest returning at a different time. However the preserve is usually quiet and devoid of humans.

The trail starts here, off to the side.

It is well marked for easy hiking.

And yes, someone was very, very, very happy to be hiking that day!

As we walked across the forest, on boardwalk, above the thick layer of moss, we had a lot to look at, including shelf growths on trees.

The forest is quite pretty and a treat for an area tucked away from the growing urban blight of the area. Stop often and simply smell the clean air. Listen for frogs, birds and squirrels.


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