Shadow Lake

Walker, Alistaire and I went for a early fall hike to Shadow Lake at Mount Rainier National Park, on a chilly day, with the sun mostly socked into the clouds. It’s 6400 feet elevation at the Sunrise complex and the end of the road.

As we left Sunrise we passed deer enjoying lunch in the meadows.

For a few seconds the sun came out over the overlook of Tahoma.

The clouds moved in, with a cold wind. The bottom of Emmons Glacier was all that was visible.

The meadows are slipping into fall.

As we walked along the trail Little Tahoma and a bit of the mountain poked out.

Burroughs 1 holding snow from last winter, and the boys ahead of me.

The walk to the junction with the Wonderland Trail went quickly. The trail is relatively flat with a minor elevation gain and loss.

Alistaire dressed up for the cold, doodling in the dirt while we took a break at a tiny creek crossing.

The last wild flowers of the summer.

Looking across the meadow at the ridges, and the trail to Frozen Lake, on Sourdough Ridge.

Give plants an edge and they will find it.

Tiny alpine ferns.

Alistaire walking along Shadow Lake, with Sourdough Ridge in the distance.

We explored the lake till their faces were chilled from the wind, and made our way back. The boys were chilly but had a great time poking around the trails and tossing rocks into the lake.


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