Lodge Lake

Lodge Lake sits just on the back side of the Snoqualmie Pass ski area off of I-90. Tucked into the quiet side, sits Lodge Lake…which due to its position above I-90 comes with backcountry campsites and 5 bars of digital phone service. Yet you will feel like you are in the wilderness when there.

The boys and I joined our friend Jennifer and her children for an easy outing in the afternoon. The trailhead for the PCT on the south side isn’t the easiest to find, look at Google Maps to see it. It is tucked back there. A NW Forest or America the Beautiful pass is required.

The boys ready to go.

Paintbrush near the trailhead.

The trail takes off into the woods for a short section. It pops out onto the ski resort quickly. following a rocky trail that gently gains elevation. The views across of the peaks of Snoqualmie Pass and down to I-90.

The trail is never steep, just always going uphill. Alistaire was trying so hard to walk (he is 2 years old).

Jennifer helping Walker across a little stream.

Finally we reached the top of the ridge, and cut over the pass. No I-90 visible, no ski resort showing. Very idyllic.

We stopped at Beaver Lake, a small lake just over the pass.

Alistaire decided he was tired and got into his Deuter backpack. Him and Walker had snacks.

After Beaver Lake the trail winds down through the forest, into old trees.

Peek-a-boo views come of the lake just before, from above.

The sign for Lodge Lake is easy to miss.

The lake is wooded around, with peak views and a lot of huckleberry bushes.

And Salmonberry bushes.

Walk through the campsite areas to reach the lake. It is muddy at the lake, but wadeable.

Walker enjoying the lunch we had at the lake.

We headed out before the sun set lower, as I knew the boys would be tired with their short legs. Ford led the way, and kept Walker going.

Alistaire got a free ride out, which meant I hiked a lot slower.


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