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Local Adventures: The Langley MoMA

Not every adventure we go on involves hiking, sometimes it is visiting museums, historical places and oddities. You can write them off as homeschooling field trips if you homeschool.

How I found this local adventure was Google Maps. I was looking up something unrelated when I saw on it the Langley Museum of Mini-Art glowing. What was this I wondered….so I clicked on it. Because it’s like that time I took the boys to the infamous Raccoon Lodge art creation.

When I looked at it, I knew we had to go visit it. The best way is to Google the address. We turned onto Fairgrounds Road off of Langley Road. This is the road one takes for the Fairground campground. But stay straight and head up the hill. The turn in is on Highview Street, to the right. Follow this narrow road, as it curves around. Take a left onto Village loop – it is a one way road. These roads are narrow, and do go slow. It is a dense development back there. The little museum is at the top. There is street slot parking to slip into, so you are not blocking the road.

I thought it such a cute idea. It’s the size of the many Free Libraries you see everywhere. It has changing features by the month.

This month was on bison.

With a framed miniature drawing. with buffalo coins.

But don’t worry! It’s a 2 for 1 deal. Next door is a Little Free Library as well.

Let the world take you to the unusual. We need more of the odd in our lives.


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