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Local Adventures: Double Bluff Beach At Low Tide

Last week with the full moon the tides hit super low and we spent most of the days at various beaches on Whidbey Island. We were searching for tide pools, which are not something the island is normally known for (we have either sandy beaches or mudflats, depending on the side of the island. Midweek, with a -4.05 foot tide at around 11 am we chose Double Bluff Beach to visit. This beach is a county park, and also is an off leash park for dogs. So if you don’t like dogs consider that.

Parking can be tricky on weekends, so I suggest you go on a weekday, and early. The parking lot was actually closed when we got there, as the work crew was there trimming back the lush overgrowth of weeds. You can park on the road, on the side, in the marked area. Parking is free.

Once you walk into the park area, find the paved steps down to the beach and walk out. A good pair of muck boots comes in handy.

Looking down the beach towards Mutiny Bay.

The tide was out farther than I had seen before. It was really low. All this sand was easy to walk on.

Downtown Seattle is visible here, in the notch between the 2 ridges in the middle. You can see all the skyscrapers!

Odd little thing….the recently former mayor of Seattle has a massive piece of property above this beach. One walks right in front of it.

Moon Snail egg shells/collars. Be gentle with these if you see them!

After walking out to the water – and it was a long walk – we headed down the beach, towards the glacial bluffs.

The boys, with Seattle to their right.

Schools been out for a week now, and we have been doing what we should be doing…exploring.

Seaweed, attached to a rock.

The area under the bluffs has actual tide pools.

Full of tiny crabs and baby fishes.

The sun came out suddenly and it warmed up by a few degrees.

Also…a Seagulls dream for all those tasty clams and mussels.

Muck boots mean you can explore.

As we walked back down the beach suddenly the beach got full of people. Low Tide was at its extreme point. Near the parking lot there are areas where the water is cut off at low tide. It’s warm and easy to wade into. Lots of sand dollars.

You are hard to go wrong with a day at the beach, walking to the water’s edge, and finding many things.


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