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Isla Partida and Playa Ensenada Grande

As the sun started thinking about rising above the Sea of Cortez, we sailed towards Isla Partida. As the sun came up, I could see at least 2 cinder cones, high above the water. We anchored off the island for the day.

Isla Partida sits next to Isla Espíritu Santo, separated by a narrow channel. Both islands are protected now. The islands are near La Paz, the first islands you encounter after leaving the protected harbor.

Playa Ensenada Grande…it has been voted best beach multiple times in Mexico and the world. And there might be a reason why.

When we approached the beach to land in a skiff, the only ship there was a super yacht, which had a super baby boat and a zodiac skiff….which 2 of the crew were on the beach setting up a day camp in glamping luxury for the yacht people, and then left to head back to the yacht….

Zodiac and similar skiffs back in right up onto the beach and jump out.

The water? For a PNW person, it’s perfect. It’s clear water, a deep green blue color, and a white sandy bottom.

The beach isn’t huge, but it’s walkable and swimming is amazing. Also easy to snorkel in, as it is protected, but watch for boats.

Beyond the sandy beach lies an arroyo, extending back. It is fenced off, and you are not allowed past the beach. The island is protected as I said, and it has seen abuse due to how popular it is. I noticed tucked into the rocks was a massive solar panel….and I had to wonder, does the island have cameras set up?

The beach though. That is why one visits.

The water felt so good to wade in.

I walked the entire beach and stole glances deep into the arroyo.

And I could see a brackish water source, tucked away. With so much life to be seen. To be able to walk it would be dreamy, but I can understand why not.


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