The Sea Lions of Isla Lobos

Off the shore of Isla Partida in the Sea of Cortez, we met the crew of The Cortez Club, who were taking us to Isla Lobos, which sits just north of Partida. To visit Isla Lobos you must use a local vendor out of La Paz, as the area is highly regulated now, and you must also have a wrist band showing your vendor paid the National Park fee to be there.

It is the breeding colony for Sea Lions, where the babies are born and grow strong on their personal islands. The skiffs picked us up off our boat. Some of us were just going for the ride, others were going to snorkel in the water, with the sea lions. Nots me!

The ride there was pretty fun, hold on and open up the engines.

The island is loud, with the sea lions barking and many birds flying over.

Many of the rocks were covered in toasty warm sea lions, happily napping. Or barking loudly.

In the protected areas, the baby lions were jumping into the water, and playing happily.

It’s hard to see the lions, but so many.

From every angle you get a new view.

With Isla Partida in the distance.

We circled the islands many times, slowly. Stopping to see so many things.

I’m not a boat person but if it means I can can see places I wouldn’t be able to, I am happy to get in the boat or skiff.

A playful sea lion swimming along.

The eye.

The skiff operator took us through this arch, and we slowly sailed thru it. The top layers show the volcanic nature of the area and how it came to be.


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