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Walking The Salt Farm of Isla San Jose

Visiting the 6th largest island in Mexico was a sublime treat. Isla San Jose sits off the coast of Baja California Sur, 37 or so miles out of La Paz (the state capital). It’s a rugged island, with mountain peaks covering it.

On the way to the island, with the sun rising in the Sea of Cortez.

Sun coming up over the water.

Traveling across the water as day settles in.

Coming along Isla San Jose.

The boat anchored at Punta Salinas and we came ashore on Zodiac skiffs. Jump out into the water, and walk up. Then dry feet and boots on.

Crest to the top of the sand and the desert stretches out in front of your eyes. This section of the island is known for its long ago salt mine. It was left behind in the middle of the 1900’s as corporations took over the salt economy. It’s still used though and holds a lot of salt. The island is considered “semi-arid” this section though is desert.

Vehicles left behind to rust.

Long eaten fish, left in the plants.

Dehydrated puffer fish.

The salt area hosts many old buildings, slowly breaking down.

Follow the paths, and keep an eye on your feet for cacti.

The views open up into the flat area which holds the salt process.

Even though it was around 85°, the wind makes it feel a lot cooler. It’s so arid though. Most of my backpack was water.

The colors are algae, as the saltwater dries out.

The arroyo in the distance, leading into the mountains.

The salt pits.

Easy to chip some out, and taste it. It’s a briny, deep flavor. Intense on the tongue. And good for you.

During the year, the water table under changes, and if you dig thru you can see salt water under it (this was already existing!).

Cacti growing even on old concrete.

Patterns as the water dries out and the salt pushes up.

The pathways are easy to walk along, leading one to explore as long as one wants – until the heat and sun exhaust you.

Salt water reflections.


Looking the other way, this flat has salt pits, but has returned more back to nature.

Walking back to the ruins, the path is on a dike, above the salt water.

Throw a metal roof on, and move in…..


Coming back to the beach.

Meanwhile Kirk was snorkeling in the water.

It was a beautiful island.

Sun settling over the island.

Last light, and time to pull up anchor for the next island.


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