Food Finds

Fall Food Finds

Lots of yummies to check out for your food bag. Fall is winding down, and the chill of winter is coming, so stock up your backpack when hiking with tasty calories.

Minute Rice Southwest Pinto Beans. This rice is precooked, and comes in a cup. Now then…I don’t often promote heavy food to carry, but this one is a winner. It is gluten-free, vegan and high in fiber. It’s also really good tasting. And compared to many commercial meals, this is affordable compared to those. It can be heated up in camp by pan frying in a packet of oil. Serve it with tortillas and cheese (if you eat it) for a filling dinner. Or make soup and dump it in, heat it up. It has a lot of potential.

Lots of beans!

The following items I reviewed out of a Love With Food box of snacks. You never know what you might get in a box…..

Country Archer Provisions Grass-Fed Beef Jerky. Hands down some of the best tasting beef jerky I have tried. It’s tasty, tender and easy to chew. The youngest grabbed it and ran. They are sold on Amazon as well.

Karma Nuts makes a line of cashews that are so good. The Toasted Coconut is crispy and buttery. Find a variety pack of single servings on Amazon.

Zee Zees soft baked bars. Our youngest loved these, and begged for me to buy more. They are made in a nut free facility (which is a huge yes from us!). They are sold on Amazon as well.

Everbar….yes, it is a candy bar. But it isn’t as sweet as one. It’s crispy, and crunchy. Very satisfying. The companies website isn’t loading, but can be found on Amazon.


FTC Disclaimer: We purchased the products reviewed here, some links may be affiliate links.

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