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Local Adventures: Breazeale Interpretive Center

After last week’s trip to the Padilla Bay area, we were coming back to the island, and had the boys with us. We decided to pop in and take them to the Breazeale Interpretive Center to see the aquarium and displays. When their oldest brother was little I took him there, and if I have learned anything, parents often take children to places like this when the children are very young, not school age. While young children will have fun, school age (elementary years) will take away a lot from a visit here. A lot more than when they are toddlers and preschoolers. The Center has been updated quite a bit since my last visit and has many hands on experiences now.

The rooms are well laid out, with doors to open, buttons to press, and more to learn about Padilla Bay, its health, and the creatures/plants that call it home.

Walker enjoying the tide chart display.

The displays have several birds, including 2 owls, Bald Eagles and more that are beautifully presented. In the back half is a small aquarium that will especially entertain younger children. It is just enough and not overwhelming – especially for children who are on the Spectrum and/or have sensory issues.

The center has a children’s room full of books to read, places to sit quietly, games to play and a lot more. We spent at least half and hour in the room.

Once they have learned and looked be sure to take them on the trails and work out all their energy.

I found a new crop of mushrooms. These were the size of a salad plate, tucked under Cedar and Douglas Fir trees.

There is an activity for children, hidden in water tight boxes, on the trail. Each box has a stamp, to put on your sheet, that can be found in the lobby of the center. The boxes were made by local children at a local school. Each box had a booklet in it as well to sign. The boxes are being removed for Fall on October 6th.

The center has plenty of parking, and both the parking, hiking and the center are free to use. As we mentioned last week, they also have 2 EV car chargers that are free to use. There is also a trail down to the Bay for access to the beach at low tide.


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