Fall Settling In

Fall slipped in quietly and early this year here. What we didn’t have was the traditional Indian Summer we get most Septembers. The rains came early, and hard. I won’t say I am mad though, we need the rain. This was our first full summer growing on our farm and living in an arid rain shadow, it is head to trust the water table being good enough. The rains came, and with that my farming duties slid down a bit. Suddenly the air was clear, and I have time to go hike during the day.

A rainbow as the rain clears in the morning, take it as a sign to go hike.

Some of my recent local hikes have been in the local Trillium Community Forest, which is walking distance for us.

Fall is just starting, with the first change of colors on the top of the ridge.

The hikes are not long, nor are they hard. But they relax the mind and stretch the legs.

Nidulariaceae, Bird’s Nest Fungi are tiny and like chipped wood. You need to get down close to see the tiny “eggs” in each cup.

This fungi was an unusual one. A blue grey color, with a flat top. Slightly translucent. I haven’t ID’ed it yet.

May Fall last for awhile and let me enjoy it!


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