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Local Adventures: Ebey’s Prairie Ridge Trail

For Father’s Day we headed out on a short hike at Ebey’s Landing outside of Coupeville, on Whidbey Island. Ebey’s Prairie Ridge Trail is the connector trail from the Prairie Overlook/Cemetery to the bluff high above Ebey’s Landing. It is a great kickoff to longer hikes (including the loop on the bluff around Perego’s Lagoon or the easy Pratt Loop Trail), or just simply on its own. Parking is free up here.

While many who park at the Pratt Preserve are there to do the Pratt Loop that follows the prairie, and into the woods and back, just after the Jacob Ebey house and Ebey Blockhouse, you have two exits to walk on the other side of the fence, and out to the bluff. And honestly, if you have the time and energy, do the ridge trail, then finish it with the Pratt loop.

The path starts on farm road.

Wild native Nootka Roses.

Jacob Ebey house.

Jacob Ebey house and blockhouse.

Ebey Blockhouse (the window was added long after it was built, to bring light into the loft).

Where the Pratt Loop goes ahead, and to the Ridge trail, take a gentle left, onto the other side of the fence.

Walker, with the Olympic Mountains and Salish Sea behind him. Sometimes you blink on a hike, and remember how it was long ago. I used to do this hike, long ago, with his older brother toddling behind me.

Looking back at Mount Baker.

Farm fields running down to Ebey’s Landing.

Ebey’s Landing and the beach. Fort Casey is down the beach, heading south or so.

The Olympic Mountains, far across the Salish Sea, you can track the Washington State Ferries crossing to Port Townsend.

Kid friendly. Gorgeous views on a sunny day, with mountains filling over half of the view. Look for a faint Mount Rainier filling the sky over the edge of the horizon where the land ends and the water starts. But be warned – it is nearly always breezy, if you run cold, carry gloves, hat and windbreaker jacket.


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