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Meal Review: Tuscan Beef Stew with Italian Polenta

PackitGourmet has long been a favorite go to for us, when we want an easy to make meal for hiking & backpacking. Their Tuscan Beef Stew with Italian Polenta is a definite winner. As with most of PackitGourmet’s meals, it tastes like “real” food, not what one expects from commercial outdoor meals. You get a meal that has texture and just the right amount of water, rather than slop in a bag.

It is a 2 part meal, but is easy enough to make. Bring 14 ounces water to a boil, stir in 10 ounces of it into the stew, in the main bag. Then the remaining water into the polenta bag. After a 15 minutes sit time, stir the stew and drop polenta on top. The polenta is so much more satisfying than the typical mashed potatoes one would expect with stew. It is hardy, filling and doesn’t upset the stomach when hiking. It’s simply comfort food, but with spices and lots of flavor. A solid 2 thumbs up and we highly recommend it.



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