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Meal Review: Wild Zora Soups

A bit back Paleo Meals To Go combined with Wild Zora Foods, and now has many more options. We picked up all three flavors of Wild Zora Soups to see how they tasted. Each flavor is Paleo friendly – and for us – allergy friendly. No wheat/gluten. No binders. No added sugar or milk.

Just meat, vegetables and seasoning. Easy to carry, in small packets that won’t get soggy if they get wet. Just add to a cup of just boiled water, stir well and let cool enough to enjoy. The dry soup mix also works great for adding to instant rice, couscous, or precooked/dehydrated quinoa to punch up the flavor tremendously.

You won’t regret carrying these in your food bag – and they are also great for travel or hotel stays. If you can find hot water, you can have something that not only warms you, but nourishes you. They are not the cheapest, but I have come to the point in our lives that I am willing to pay for food that doesn’t harm Alistaire when we travel.

Chicken Lemon Soup:


Light in taste, lots of chicken and herbs. If you were feeling run down on the trail, this is the one to always have a packet of. This one is AIP friendly as well.

Picante Beef Soup:


While I wasn’t excited about this as a soup, it is a perfect favoring for rice, couscous and quinoa. It has a lot of flavor to give depth to carbs (I just didn’t like the texture to sip on is all)

Tuscan Chicken Soup:


Nicely spiced, I really enjoyed this version of chicken soup.

Overall, I recommend these soups – they are not high in sodium, they have lots of flavor and are easy to prepare.


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