Back To School Hike

The boys asked me if they could start off the school year today with a hike. We out in a little bit of studying early (picked Social Studies), then got on the road to the ferry dock to the Olympic Peninsula on our island (Whidbey).

We decided to do an easy hike so picked going to Port Townsend to do a bit on the Olympic Discovery Trail. We can walk the entire outing, to make it easy on us.

They are in 8th & 6th grade this year.

Walking off the ferry dock, I noticed this new sign for the Olympic Discovery Trail!

Getting there is pretty easy walking. Just leave the ferry dock, and walk on the sidewalk along Hwy 20 (Sims). We took the back pathways, weaving in and out, crossing the marina, till we reached the trailhead. If one was driving, you enter at the main entrance to the marina, across from the Safeway grocery store and McDonald’s (it has a light). The parking is at the back and is marked.

Even in September there are blooms to be had along the waterfront.

The Olympic Discovery Trail follows Port Townsend Bay for the first bit, heading for the paper mill at the end of the bay. In this section there are many benches to sit on, and just soak in the views. It isn’t wilderness, not even barely, but it is a great place to just be in. There are picnic tables to enjoy a lunch or snack and to get some Vitamin D.

Gum Weed flowers. They grow so well down by the beach.

We enjoyed the sand, the views and that it was a nice 63° out with a gentle breeze. I love September.

And if one looked down, there were even more flowers still popping up. Fall isn’t here yet.

The ODT is a trail to hike as short, or as long as you want, or even ride a bike on. The farther you go, the less people you will see.


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