Food Finds

Recent Food Finds

Recent food finds in the past month that I have come across. It’s all across the board in this round up. Amazon finds, Trader Joe’s and the Asian aisle.

Who doesn’t want to try Polish Knorr cup of soups? Amazon sells an 8 pack, that is a random mix of flavors. The single packets have English stickers on the back for the ingredients and European nutritional stats. Using Google I figured out the sodium in in the high 200’s to 400 mg per cup, which is considerably lower than US cup a soups. Each packet takes 200 ML boiling water, stir and let sit for 2 minutes. The soup thickens up as it sits. They are really great tasting and many have dried croutons in them – it’s like getting hot cocoa with marshmallows, just savory!

These tiny packs of marinated artichokes are dry packed, but taste like the ones that you can buy packed in oil, in glass jars. Eat as is, put on wraps, or chop up and add to instant rice dishes for lots of flavor.

Also dry packed, these salty green olives are pitted and ready to snack on. On hot days a salty snack goes far. Chop or slice to add to meals. The perfect amount for a recipe, with no draining needed.

They finally had these candied orange slices back in stock. If you like candied orange peel, you will love these. The entire slice is edible. And sweet.

Sapporo Ichiban ramen noodles. We can source these Japanese noodles locally, but the PNW tends to have robust Asian aisles in stores. Paired with Furikaka from Trader Joe’s. Yes, these ramen noodles have MSG and are sodium bombs, due to the broth mix. The ramen is nice, just don’t drink all the broth.

Served with the topping and eaten quickly.


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