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Food Find Review: Thrive Life Snackies

Thrive Life Snackies is a (currently) collection of 9 ingredients, ranging from fruit/berries to vegetables to a non-dairy yogurt like crunchy bite that come in resealable mylar bags, and are sized for 1 to 2 uses.

Ones I love and buy often? It’s a mix for sure. I buy the bags of grapes, peaches and strawberries to have in our vehicles for easy snacks. The bags are great for those who go on 1 or 2 trips a year and want produce to add to meals, but not have a #10 can or even a smaller pantry sized can of freeze-dried food that can go bad during storage, once opened up.

Love fresh grapes? Freeze-dried grapes are cut in half, and are crunchy/sweet. These are red/purple grapes, and yes, are seedless.

Banana slices – you either love or hate them. Freeze-dried ones are different than banana chips, which are flash fried to crispy. Freeze-dried bananas are wafer like and readily start rehydrating in your mouth as you munch on them. They are great added to oatmeal!

Apple Slices – always a favorite with kids on the trail. Freeze-dried apple slices are crunchy, crispy and while sweet, are not overpowering sweetness (where dehydrated apples are often cloying sweet). A bag won’t last long with children around.

Coconut Bites – a sweet dessert that is crispy and crunchy, similar to freeze-dried yogurt bites.

The freeze-dried green peas and sweet corn are the perfect amount for 1-2 meals. The Snackies size of pineapple is a smaller dice, and great to add to meals that have pulled pork or Polynesian in fusion flavor.


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