Going To Antarctica: Neko Harbor

Neko Harbor. A quiet place, with wind, clouds and the sun trying to burn it off.

The snow and ice here was amazing.

We watched so many penguins swimming along here. They are 2 to 3 of them, and they arch out of the water, pop up, and zip back down into the water. It’s fascinating to watch them.

This glacier ice creaked so much, it would echo across.

The ship haf a pool, filled with water from the ocean, heated to 80*. We swam in it every day in the Antartica – even though it was 30 to 32* outside. To be in that steamy pool, with snow falling on your head, that was an amazing experience. No one ever joined us, though a few people felt it was ok to take photos of the “touched people” in the pool it seemed. Miss this chance? No! It was just so good feeling. The briny water was better than going to a spa, and left my skin in an amazing shape after a few days.

And you cannot beat the views……which I’d take over a zodiac boat any day. Just laying in warm salty water, staring up at peaks. It’s truly hard to compete with that.


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