Going To Antarctica: Port Charcot and Booth Island

Port Charcort on Booth Island, Antarctica. We visited it on a rather desolate day, with monochrome skies.

The location is the overwintering site of the French Antarctic Expedition, which happened in 1903-1905 onboard the Français under the command of Jean-Baptiste Charcot. Remains from the expedition are still visible in the form of a cairn with a wooden pillar (designated HSM 28), the stone built magnetic hut, the wreck of a tender and other items.

With grey skies it is hard to fathom just how big the area is.

Though the sun really did try to show up as we stopped, and it was time to go exploring.

Emergency shelter visible on the rocks.

This is from another area, Cierva Cove, but it was such a cool place to visit I had to include it.

Some of the peaks visible as we sailed through.

Loved these peaks.

This day was made by the sailing by of so many of these mountains thrusting up through the ice. The locations in the end didn’t matter to me. I spent much of my days just seeing.


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