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Gear Review: Deuter AC Lite 22 SL Pack

This Spring I picked up a Deuter AC Lite 22 SL pack to join my other Deuter backpacks (I own 4 packs by them now). Deuter packs are for me the only brand I can wear in comfort. As I mentioned in my review in 2019 on my previous purchase, I have a short torso and a permanent lower back injury, which Deuter packs work with well.

It wasn’t that I “needed” another daypack, but I needed something smaller, for quarter to half day hikes, local ones, where I don’t need to carry a lot of gear.

The pack’s weight is 900 grams, or 1.85 pounds. Its dimensions are 20.4″ (height)x12.6″(width)x7.9″(depth).

It’s a well built pack, that stores gear well. With 2 stretchy outside pockets that hold up to quart water bottles, an inside pocket for a bladder (up to 3L), and an innovative design to hold trekking poles if not needed, it’s just a mini version of my other favorite backpack. It also has a built in rain cover, which I used multiple times in Alaska. Like all other Deuter packs I have used, the pack is well sewn and designed.

Now then….there are a few things to talk about. It’s a smaller pack, so the straps and the waist belt are less robust. The waist belt is a lot smaller than the other daypack I use, the 28. So keep that in mind if you are a plus size woman – the belt goes only to 47.24″. Otherwise, the less robust padding on the straps just reminds you to carry only what is needed.

The pack is sold on Amazon, however it is nearly all 3rd party sellers. If you look at it, I highly suggest buying thru Backcountry as a dealer on Amazon. That is who we used, and they are an ethical retailer.


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