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Last year, in early Fall, the boys had a chance to take a class from Sound Water Stewards on our island. They were offering summer classes this year, and I got them signed up for the Forest Art class. The class was held at Fort Ebey State Park on Whidbey Island.

We got to the park early and went down to the beach, which is on the West side of the island. It overlooks the Olympic Mountain Range.

There is no lack of container ships in the Salish Sea the past few months. On average 3 to 4 are anchored on the East side of the island, waiting for their turn at the Seattle docks to unload. I have to wonder if this one was making the long haul around the island to anchor for awhile….

We headed up into the woods to meet up with the class.

The first part of the class was learning about trees of the island, and what they looked like.

And what everything is inside the trees (Alder here).

Then the boys used ink to make pressings on the wood rounds.

We then went for a hike to Pondilla Lake.

A favorite place of mine in Fort Ebey State Park.

The hike back up was green as could be. Even with the freakish week of heat a couple weeks back, the green is OK, due to a rainy spring.

We looked for tree burls, and found a couple up high, on this snag tree.

Then we came back and worked on making sketches of trees, and using water colors to paint if they wished.

Alistaire decided this morning to watercolor some more, and painted an Orca in the Salish Sea.


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