Endicott Arm and Dawes Glacier

Early season sailing meant some changes on where we were heading to. Originally we were to sail into Tracy Arm, instead the captain the The Wilderness Explorer opted for Endicott Arm, which is one fjord over. In the end, due to a high level of icebergs we anchored outside the last turn heading to Dawes Glacier. They anchored down a side arm, where the weather was mild, and the wind low. This day was slated for a lot of bad weather, and it wasn’t as bad on the water as on land, so there was that. I opted for the skiff excursion, on the water (only that and kayaks were offered in the morning, as there wasn’t viable land to walk on here). I didn’t get to see Dawes Glacier, but that was ok, there was so much other things to look at.

The boat was anchored off of here, with cascading waterfalls on all side.

It was raining but it wasn’t cold.

So many waterfalls.

The line of water seperation, between the brown water of the fjord and the fresh glacier water.

Icebergs starting to float.

We rising in a Zodiac style boat. The wind the farther out into the actual arm of Endicott got very brisk.

As we crossed the line.

Along the cliffs. The icebergs had many mama seals and their babies on them, so we floated quietly though the area, giving the icebergs a wide berth.

In the far distance the ship is anchored. This was my first time in a Zodiac style skiff and I was scared spitless the first half. Eventually I was….actually loving it.

The final entry up Endicott Arm to Dawes Glacier. Our skiff didn’t go up, though another guide took their boat nearly to the end. Oh well. At the same time, it’s understandable that only some of the guides were that comfortable with being that close to so many icebergs.

But you know….getting to glide around a fjord full of icebergs was enough on its own. It was so relaxing.

Sailing out.

As we lifted anchor and carried onto the next destination, the rain cleared and we had glass water. A better day than most others….


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