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Wandering On One Of Keku Islands

Off of Kuiu Island is Keku Islands in SE Alaska, a number of thin islands with coves hidden around them. Do I know which one I stepped onto? I don’t. I had the GPS turned off on my phone (there isn’t any service for phones unless you are in the open straits – AT&T has towers hidden out there), and was just enjoying being out there.

We took a skiff over to the landing, and jumped out, into the water. It was clear water, with an easy landing. (I cannot quit talking about how great Bog boots are for that)

On the beach were tiny footprints in the sand.

Maybe otter? They do live in good numbers around here.

We wandered the beach, at a minus tide, checking out the many tide pools and plants on the beach. Beach Asparagus is actually quite tasty. Crisp, juicy and pleasantly salty.

Goose Tongue. Considered edible with medicinal properties. I didn’t try it however.

A thin, but very useful book I had a chance to read before we visited this area.

The Wilderness Explorer in the distance, across the water. Tide pools everywhere on this beach.

Rockweed seaweed, also an edible.

The beach varied from sand, to rock, to areas above the average high tide line, growing thickly.

There was a Bald Eagle nest on the island, with a juvenile eagle learning how to feed. We watched it, and its parents. And in the sand, a lone Bald Eagle feather. A photo, then we put it back for nature. The other thing was part of a fish.

Kirk ahead of me, enjoying the views that stretched on.

Holding 2 cameras….

And every time the beach turned, there was more to see.

I was so happy being there. It was so relaxing.

That afternoon there was a bushwalk, into the forest, which I skipped (I don’t find it fun to punch through rain forest – the moss is hard to stay on top of) and they saw a wolf, which took off.

Being able to land on these islands were amazing, and to walk land that few ever touch, even more amazing.

If I just knew exactly where I had walked….but I know I will most likely never have the chance again to visit that island.


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