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Local Adventures: Ala Spit

Ala Spit is a small Island County park, on the north end of Whidbey Island. on the eastern side of the island.

It had been a long time since I had been there, at least 24 years since. I used to drive there often, to sit and stare at the water, in those turbulent years of being in my early 20’s. It’s easy to forget about a small stretch of beach, but I am glad I remembered it, and visited it again.

The road and the beach/spit have been improved considerably since 2011. A friend of mine has worked on removing the invasive plants (it’s his business) since that time period, and the state/county has worked hard to let the spit return to its natural state.

The once dirt road, that was nothing but deep potholes, is now a smooth paved surface. The spit has a garbage can, a dog waste can and dog poop bags at the start.

I was pleasantly happy visiting a place that maybe wasn’t always connected to feel good thoughts when I was young, and found it to be a welcoming place now.

Looking across at Mt. Erie, on Fidalgo Island.

Might be sunny, but it was very windy on the spit. We showed up at the height of high tide. Oops. Within minutes of leaving the rain kicked up for a bit, with even sleet in it. Then the sun came back out. So a typical day in the PNW……

Still, you can pick your way along, stepping over the many driftwood trees on the spit. The father out you go, the wider the view into Skagit Bay.

Looking across the water, to the East, to Hope Island. Behind it is the main land and Skagit Bay.

There are benches to sit and rest on. Skagit Island is directly ahead and Kukutali Preserve is to the right of it.

Looking East but also South, down the beach, with the island stretching into the grey on the right.

It isn’t a big park, nor a long stretch of beach, but it is a spit (and there are not many of them in Washington State). It’s easy to reach and is near to many other hikes, making it easy as an add-on hike.

The park is free to use, no parking pass needed. Parking can be tight on nice days. Picking up dog poop is required.


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