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Local Adventures: Price Sculpture Forest

Price Sculpture Forest opened up recently, at the end of October, 2020, just outside of the city limits of Coupeville, on Whidbey Island. In a blend of private philanthropy and non-profit preservation, this parcel of land was saved, to be enjoyed by the public. While not old-growth forest, it was maintained over the past 100 years (when it was last harvested) so is a sunlit forest. Even as many years as I have lived on the island, I had never been down this way before. The parking lot is just past the City of Coupeville sign, so keep an eye out – it isn’t necessarily well marked if you are coming from South Whidbey. But the speed limit is 25 mph so not hard to putz along. The parking lot has plenty of room, and there is a porta-potty on site. One neat thing….there is a walking path along Parker, from town. It is 1.3 miles. The path is off the road, and goes up and down, giving a great workout. It is paved for the first part, but dirt the rest of the way. The path ends at Price forest. That means if you were vacationing in Coupeville, no need to drive, you can get in some extra miles!

Consider it an outside art gallery that you hike along to see each piece, all while immersed in the green of the forest. The two trails (both loops) are not long, only 6 tenths of a mile in total, but are well worth the visit. It was a pleasant way to remind the boys to be walk more quietly.

There are two loops. The Nature Nurtered is nearly flat, though with the rain, be sure to wear waterproof boots for the mud puddles. The Whimsy trail goes down and then back up, and give a better workout. The Nature trail is wheelchair friendly, but I wouldn’t for Whimsy.

If you follow the arrows, it is a one way trail, so it really works great for social distancing. While we saw cars at the trailhead, we only passed one group, at the loop junction – but we never had to step off the trail or mask up. A great lonely feeling.

As we started the upper path, the first art piece is a metal one, where the tops rotate in the wind.

But this piece. I have never in my life been so moved by a piece of sculpture. It is a feather, by Alien Artifacts Studio, based in Maryland.

It just lights up in the sun, deep in the forest.

Turning onto Whimsy Way.

Follow the arrow.

Funny story: Kirk and I passed this sculpture as it was being trucked onto the island. We were on Deception Pass bridge, as it drove past me. At the time I was “why is there a T-Rex on a trailer?”

There are two pieces of this, one on each side of the trail. I love the twisting, as if the tree was being torn apart.

Logan’s Run is calling for its gazebo to be returned…….

Back at the junction, we took a right onto Nature Nurtured to finish the hike.

At every turn there is art to look at. Look up high in the trees for some. Eagles, feathers, and modern art. It’s a mix of everything.

We went to the beach after, because why not…..the sun was out and there was rocks to be thrown.


DOGS ARE NOT ALLOWED. No bikes or motorized (besides wheelchairs). Free parking, donations are happily accepted in a “ranger box” or via online.


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