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Local Adventures: Langley Whale Center

I was in need of a guide to ID seaweed, and I had heard the Langley Whale Center carried them. With Fall here, and Covid on top of it, the Whale Center is hit or miss for being open, but we got fortunate it was staffed on Monday this week (volunteer run). If you want to visit, be sure to check their Facebook page, as they keep that up to date on when open off season.

Parking can be hard to find in Langley in season and on weekends, but is free. You might have to walk a few blocks is all. Still, the walk is usually pleasant. Being a Fall Monday, we could park right in front.

Langley has a town rule you must mask up, even outside, when in town limits. Remember this.

The Center is free to come and view, donations are always accepted, and the Center has a large shopping area (you know your children will beg for a new Orca stuffy. Or at least mine do….),

Some of the exhibits are not out right now, because…well….Covid of course, but there is plenty to look at for both adults and children. The Center is not big, but they pack a lot into the building. It gives children (and adults) a taste of what they can learn about whales.

(Looking for a more indepth museum on whales? Check out the one on San Juan Island!)

Next door to the Center is a small garden of sculptures from the gallery next door, it is open when the gallery is open. A skull graces the garden as well, along with a bench to sit quietly and ponder the views of the water.

Fin Whale Skull, at child height for easy looking at. There are a number of skulls to check out, of all sizes.

The Sea Otter is 13 and giggling.

We watched films, looked at bones, pelts and more. It was a great way to roll science into our homeschooling day, and more enjoyable/hands on than looking at a book.

The ladies working offered the boys the Orca Network’s new child activity book to take home. They have enjoyed it.

Then I got fleeced for stuffies…..but we knew that was going to happen. Right?


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