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Food Find: Single Serving Chicken Packets

Awhile back a reader clued me into a new line and I set out to find it. For those who miss single serving packets of chicken you can now find it in many grocery stores, and more so…it is flavored and ready to add to favorite meals. I got blessed with a bogo offer at Safeway, so I stocked up.

They are great mixed with hot rice in a quart freezer bag (Teriyaki, Ginger Soy, Zesty Lemon, BBQ). The hot buffalo and chicken salad roll up in a flour tortilla in a snap.

Starkist Chicken Creations:

I have found them in multiple stores, where you find canned chicken (some stores do it separate from the tuna) or you can find the line at Amazon.

Weight is 2.6 ounces, and the calorie count ranges from 70 to 90, with protein from 8 to 11 grams.


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