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Local Adventures: Hammons Family Farm Preserve

Looking at areas where we hadn’t visited, I found Hammons Family Farm Preserve on the south end of Whidbey Island. It’s a hard one to find, in that you will blast right by the driveway. The signage is small and doesn’t face the road.

It is set back from the road, so just as you curve the road, keep a sharp lookout for a driveway on the left.

The parking lot is ample however. The main trail takes off from it, along the treed property line.

History of the preserve. It seems the work was done in 2007 to open the land up. The history of it can be found here.

Oddly the map is not on the Whidbey Camano Land Trust’s website. The map seemed mostly correct.

In the early morning the walk through the field is a joy. It is cooling. The trees are healthy and well cared for.

Looking back, down the land to Cultus Bay. The low lying fog hadn’t burnt off yet (it was very, very thick at 6 am, I woke up the cargo ships in the Salish Sea blowing their horns this morning).

At the top of the field, tucked into a shaded corner sits a park bench to rest on and enjoy the views. Stripes and Camo is all the rage it seems…..

It was so very peaceful.

At the top of the field is an old apple orchard that is doing just fine.

I am sure the deer eat well…..

All 3 boys were with me today. Checking out the apples.

The trail comes to a junction, flow to the right and head into the woods. It goes into it, follows the property line, then as the trail rounds to the left-ish. The trail that heads deep into the woods is closed for restoration.

Heading out of the woods.

The bridge over the wetlands.

Looking down at Cultus Bay and Sandy Hook.

We took the faint path to the right after the bridge, and headed downhill in the field.

The two remaining outbuildings and a bird (or bat?) house.

The “trail” is the old road, but is overgrown. Easy to follow, and pop under the fence into the parking lot.

A “hard” .36 mile, so no, this is not a hard hike. You will spend far more time finding the parking lot…..it is however a great addition if you are checking out Possession Bay, which is a few miles down the road.

Free to use, no passes required. Dogs are required to be leashed, and a short bit up the trail is a dog poop bag dispenser and garbage can.

Just up the road is Bailey’s Corner Store, if you are famished or need a drink. Support the locals!


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