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Food Review: Legendary Foods

I am a sucker for ads on Instagram for sampler packs, where for a few dollars for shipping you get a nice bundle to try out. Sometimes the stuff sucks, but then I find huge superstars I will keep buying. Legendary Foods is one of those. The sampler deal shows on both Facebook and Instagram, however I don’t have a working code for my readers as they pulled that deal. But you know how it works…if you read this post, you will see an ad in a few minutes 😉 I paid around $4 shipping.

Kirk and I maintain eating nuts when Alistaire is not with us, for health benefits (caregivers of children with nut/peanut allergies must be careful to not give them up, as stopping consumption can trigger adult onset food allergies if you later start eating them again) and honestly, I love almonds. Not going to lie. So we get our nibbles on when kiddo is at school! I try to eat nuts at least a few times a week. My body feels better when I do.

I was intrigued by the crazy flavors. Pizza Almonds. Blueberry Cinnamon Bun Almond Butter. Nothing boring here ⇓

One of the biggest draws for me was no artificial sweeteners and a low sugar profile. I have cut back my sugar consumption by around ¾ of what I used to consume, and it has left my tastebuds overwhelmed when I eat super sweet food. These are not that way.

Thoughts on each item in the sampler:

Pizza Flavored Almonds – Hands down my favorite. It tasted like I was eating pizza flavored Combos minus the carbs. It’s addicting. This is one I will be buying again.

Tangy Ranch Seasoned Almonds – Not bad. I liked them, however it wasn’t quite “ranchy” in taste. Still, not a bad snack. But I probably wouldn’t buy them again.

Buffalo Blue Wing Seasoned Almonds – I gave these to Kirk as I don’t like Blue Cheese. He liked them, said they had a nice heat to them.

Pecan Pie Flavored Almond Butter – There is an ad Legendary runs on Facebook of a woman being tempted by Pecan Pie and she goes to the kitchen to get her jar of this. Yeah. I would do that. It’s reaaaaaally good. Probably too good.

Chocolate Banana Peanut Butter – Interesting. I wasn’t quite hooked, but this is just personal taste – I am not a huge peanut butter fan.

Blueberry Cinnamon Bun Flavored Almond Butter – The blueberries in it are the start. It’s got a great flavor. I would love this in a bowl of oatmeal, drizzled over. I would buy this again.


Disclaimer: We paid for this product, all thoughts are ours.

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