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RV Adventures: La Conner Relaxing

Last weekend we took the RV out to the next island over, Fidalgo, and stayed at the 1000 Trails outside of La Conner, Washington. Seeing as we got a year free with 1000 Trails, might as well use it we decided. Staying in parks like this isn’t necessarily my first choice, however while the park is a bit worn, the outdoors at it are stellar. It is just down the way from Kukutali Preserve, where we had visited the week before. The land is Swinomish Tribal, so follow all rules and tread lightly on the beaches.

The beauty of the park is the beach, and it wraps around a corner. At low tide the lagoon near the land pulls out. Lone Tree on High Tide Island is in the left, with Mt. Erie & Sugar Loaf in the Anacortes Community Forest Lands towards the middle, and Kiket Island in the middle.

Looking across at Hope Island State Park, where Skagit Bay meets Kiket Bay, at low tide. Many rocks stick up, and are bird havens.

Lone Tree, on High Tide Island. In summer it is accesible at most high tides as well, but like nearby areas, be wary in winter.

The top of High Tide Island has a trail to the summit, and it overlooks Kiket Bay and Kukutali Preserve.

Many pretty shells to take photos of, but left on the beach. Take nothing off this land.

The boys of course loved the cheesy-ness of the RV park, especially vintage putt putt golf. We spent the afternoon wandering the trails, having the ice cream social, playing golf and playing on the playgrounds with new friends they made.

As the day settled in, we went back to see how high tide had changed the land.

Alistaire sending many rocks back into the water.

The lagoon filled with water.

We had the perfect weather: high 60’s, cloudy and just a whisper of wind.

The boys playing at the water. Not long after they met a couple boys, and spent an hour chasing wood across the water.

High tide in summer to the island.

It’s not often I get the chance to just sit and watch the clouds go over.

The beaches were very shell friendly and while they played, I walked and looked.

And while I have a fancy kitchen to cook in, I was tired and I pulled out a family size of Cranberry Chicken Rice. 15 minutes and the kids were eating….can’t go wrong with that.

As the sun set we walked back over to the water and watched the sky light up over Mt. Erie. On the way back I heard thunder in the distance, so we tucked away the camp furniture, outdoor rug and the main awning and settled inside. An hour later the huge thunderstorms hit, with sheet lighting and huge rains. That was pretty amazing to lay in bed and watch out the window as the show happened. I can’t say I would have enjoyed it as much in a tent!

Notes: To visit the beaches one must be staying in the park, or be a guest, so that is a barrier to hiking it.


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