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Local Adventures: Minus Tide Wanderings

Last week we had minus tides of 3 feet. Which is when you just cannot miss checking out tide pools. Overall Whidbey Island isn’t known for having great tide pools, but there are a few pocket areas to check out. One spot is between Camp Casey and Fort Casey State Park, on the west side of the island. We parked at Fort Casey, near the battlements, and walked across the lawn. If you head to the right-ish, the lowest spot, it walks you out onto the bluff with a fine view of the Olympic Mountains (just not today!) and Port Townsend. The oddest part was you could hear the tide pulling out (we were about two hours before low tide occurred). It was rushing, and visible, just like a river, heading north into the Salish Sea, pulling out of Admiralty Inlet.

There is something to be said about hiking on the 5th of July in a sweater.

Looking down the bluff, towards the Admiralty Head Lighthouse and looking north.

Follow the wide path, past the wind swept trees on the bluff, and head down to the beach.

Looking north, towards Ebey’s Landing.

Is there a beach without driftwood shacks?

With the tide so far out, the beach is very wide. In winter the tide is often up to nearly the cliff. It makes for easy walking.

Large boulders, with life in the water surrounding them.

Little feet attached to rocks.

It’s hard to see but in this photo is an adult Bald Eagle (on the left side, on a rock) and to the far right is a juvenile Bald Eagle, both looking for lunch.

We hiked down the beach, looking for shells and little pieces of wood, then came up off the beach at Camp Casey. We followed the easy trail to the top of the bluff, through the woods.

It comes out by the lighthouse, and then is an easy walk back downhill to the parking lot.

Requires a Discovery Pass for parking. $10 a day or $30 a year. Camp Casey is privately owned by Seattle Pacific University, tread quietly and respectfully while on their land.


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