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Local Adventures: Waterman Shoreline Preserve

We hiked a new local adventure today, the Waterman Shoreline Preserve, that sits between the villages of Langley and Clinton on Whidbey Island, Washington.

The easiest way to reach the trailhead is to head to Ken’s Korner on Hwy 525, and just after the Les Scwhab shop, take a left onto Surface Road. Follow it for about a mile, where it ends, and take a left onto Bob Galbreath Road for just a tiny bit – and look for the road to the right. This is where you turn in, parking is on the right side of old Wilkinson Road. Parking & use is free, as the land is managed by Whidbey Camano Land Trust.

The hike starts here, with a fence to walk through.

The general feature of the hike is gentle rolling elevation. The first part is sunny, open to the sky.

The first Salmonberries, and ripe ones!, of the year. There is a lot of tall Stinging Nettles along the road, keeping you where you should be, and not wandering onto the cliffs. Near the end, there sits a bench, facing the water. I’d have to think that long ago there were views, now all there is trees and a sign warning one to not go out past.

The thing is, this isn’t a spectacular hike by any means. There are nearly no views, as the trees have grown up and blocked them. In winter I would think you might see views. But these hikes can offer more than views.

For one, it is a short hike. It is paved. And it isn’t far out. It’s kid and dog friendly and open to bikes/strollers, though I would be careful in wet/cold periods as the moss is thick on the old road bed. The trail is quiet, no cars, just the sounds of many birds and small animals. And the preserve really isn’t for hikers or bikers – it’s there to preserve the land and the beach/water below. We get a few crumbs at least to enjoy.

As a bonus, the trail offers a dog waste station halfway in (with garbage disposal and bags) and at the end/turn around, there are 2 garbage cans.


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