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Welcome To The New TrailCooking

Over the years there have been a few versions of TrailCooking. Our last version I was hoping would be the last to build, but we were hit by a hacker that did a number last year. It wasn’t the first time – it’s a lot more common than most people talk about. We repaired the site, but Google was punishing us for months, not scanning the site that would show it wasn’t corrupted. Our readers were met by the “red screen of shame” that told people our site was dangerous, even though it wasn’t.

With life so busy on our farm & homesteading, I didn’t have the time to deal with it. Finally I sat down and rebuilt a new site, from ground up, on a secure and stable host in March.

The good things? Quick, responsive and the site works now. No more red screen. You can get to all the recipes you crave. And the site is nearly identical in look to the previous version.

The downside? We can’t bring over the blog. The blog predated the last version of the website by many years, and had 11 years of posts on it. I don’t have the time with farming to bring over every post (and everything had to be written by hand in the transfer, to ensure there was no hidden corruption in the new site). I brought over the past few months posts however. But maybe a new start isn’t a bad thing!

In a day or two the DNS will be done, and the URL will be in place, so bear with us for a few more days.

Thank you again for your support, and for putting up with the broken site this past year!

~Sarah and Kirk

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