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Dairy-Free Allergen Friendly Fudge

Let's be upfront: This is not a light weight food. It's not low calorie. It's not sugar free. There is nothing healthy about it. You can only carry it in mid to late fall, winter and early spring. It'll melt in hot temps or climates. It's a total NorthWest thing. Sorry all you in Hotlanta… Continue reading Dairy-Free Allergen Friendly Fudge

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Food Review: Kween Granola Butter

I am a sucker for Facebook and Instagram ads, and the pandemic only made it I suddenly saw so many products I could buy direct (yes, even tortillas.....and so much more. I have kept UPS busy.). But the one ad that really caught my eye was for Kween Granola Butter. was Top 14… Continue reading Food Review: Kween Granola Butter

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Hiking Free

Of our 7 books "Hiking Free: Allergy Friendly Recipes For The Outdoors" means the most to me. I wrote the book for Alistaire 2 years ago, it was my gift to him, so that when he was older he'd have a guide to eating safely when hiking and in the outdoors. My goal was him… Continue reading Hiking Free