Artichoke & Mozzarella Pasta

An easy grab the ingredients at the grocery store, and onto the trailhead kind of meal. Add in shelf stable pepperoni if you want more protein.

Artichoke & Mozzarella Pasta


At home:

Open the artichokes if in a jar, and pack in a tightly sealed and double bagged sandwich bag. Be sure to pack the marinated liquid as well! If large quarters, roughly chop up first.

Open the salad box and take out the pasta and flavor packets. Tuck them, the cheese and the oil packet in your food bag. Pack a new/clean gallon freezer bag as well.

In camp:

Add 3 cups water into a 2 Liter pot along with the pasta. Bring to a boil and simmer on a gentle boil for 8 minutes. Turn off the stove and let sit for another 5 minutes (tightly covered) to finish cooking. In cool weather or high altitude use a pot cozy to insulate.

Meanwhile, in the clean freezer bag add the water called for on the instructions (usually 3 Tablespoons), the packet of oil and the marinated artichokes with liquid. Seal the bag and massage till mixed. Slice the cheese thinly and add in.

Drain the pasta. and add into the bag, stirring well to coat. Serve up!

Serves 2.
Find string cheese in the cheese aisle of all grocery stores.
Marinated artichokes are found in the canned vegetable aisle as well as often in the produce department. Pick up the small jar, around 2 to 4 ounces. As well, Trader Joe’s is currently carrying packets of them.
Do you need to mix it up in the bag? Well, no, but it sure helps with having almost no cleanup.