Veggie Beef & Rice Pilaf

This FBC (Freezer Bag Cooking) recipe will serve 2 adults well. No tiny portions here!

Veggie Beef & Rice Pilaf


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At home in a quart freezer or sandwich bag pack the dry ingredients. Pack the cheese tightly sealed in a plastic bag.

FBC method:

Add 2 2/3 cups near boiling water and oil. Stir well, seal tightly and put in a cozy for 15 minutes.

Fluff up and top with diced Swiss cheese. Divide between 2 bags as bowls.

Insulated mug method:

Add 2 2/3 cups boiling water and oil to dry ingredients. Stir well, cover tightly and let sit for 15 minutes. (This will require a large insulated vessel)

Fluff up and top with diced Swiss cheese. Divide and serve (the empty dry ingredient bag works well as a bowl).

One Pot Method:

Bring 2 2/3 cups water and oil to a boil in a pot. Add in dry ingredients, stir well. Top with diced cheese and cover tightly. Let sit for 15 minutes. In cooler temperatures or at high altitude, use a pot cozy to insulate.

To make a second bowl, use the bag the dry ingredients were in.

Serves 2.
One of our earliest recipes, dating back to 2004.
Swiss cheese is a lower sodium cheese, but also carries well for a day or three. It will get limp, and maybe oily, but is fine.
Jarlseberg cheese can be used as well.
Or leave the Swiss cheese out and use shelf stable Parmesan cheese (2 Tbsp)