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Local Adventures: Lagoon Point County Park

Lagoon Point County park is one of the less than memorable public beach access points on Whidbey Island.

The truth is….it’s not a place you feel welcome at. It’s more than obvious that if you don’t live in the development, you are not welcome here.

And that is a theme overall you often experience on the tiny slots of public beach on Whidbey Island. That they will remind you that you are not part of them – and they only “allow” it because the county forces them to.

To find the beach access, turn onto Westcliff Drive from Smuggler Cove Road (it’s just down from South Whidbey State Park). Follow Westcliff as it winds and heads downhill. As the road curves at the bottom the parking is straight ahead. The parking is slot style, to fit more cars in the narrow access. The lot is very narrow, a small rig will fit in better.

Follow the path out to the beach. The access is no-bank, so is a flat walk out. However, that also means the homes flanking the park are no-bank as well. This is not a park where the beach feels wild. It is houses everywhere.

It’s a beach access for people who like to fish, especially salmon when it is running. Everyone at the beach was fishing but us.

For example, on the not feeling welcome, as you enter the beach, and look north up the beach there is a chain going across the beach to remind the peasants that the beach above high tide line is not for you. With signs of course. Not quite as threatening as some (my favorite are the signs in bold font screaming how they will call the Sheriff Office on you if you dare touch their sand a few miles away).

Is it a beach if there isn’t wooden sculptures?

The views are across to Marrowstone Island, and the Olympic Mountains rising above them. If you look north up the island, you can see all the way to Fort Ebey State Park, and parts of Ebey Landing on the island. The views are nice, for sure.

But this park is just not worth the drive. There are far, far better county park beach access in the area. Where you will feel welcome. Just down the road is Bush Point County Park which has plenty of parking, and is far nicer. Or my personal favorite, Robinson Beach on Mutiny Bay, one of the largest public beaches on the south end.

The park is free to use, as is the parking.


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