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In the past months we have stopped posting extra things on our Facebook business page (under FreezerBagCooking). I have left Facebook overall as I don’t find it enjoyable anymore, and haven’t in years. I kept an account so I could run our Facebook page. Having said that we decided to move our social media presence to MeWe. All our posts are shown to our readers, and we are not shaken down for money every time we try to post to our readers. MeWe plays well with smartphones and has an easy to download app, and yes, you do need an account, but user accounts are free. If you are MeWe, love to have you join us there for the photos, links and more I like to post. (One odd note, MeWe doesn’t play with Google Chrome on my desktop computer, so your mileage may vary)

The other is I shut down my many years old Instagram account and started a new one. It had had over 7,000 photos and I just wanted a fresh start – and a new name to reflect my life now. I post a bit of everything: Farming, homesteading, family, hiking, food. Find it at Life Along The Salish. Follow if these things catch your fancy. Of course, by closing my old account I lost all my followers. Oops.

See you out there!


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