Local Adventures

Standing In The Wind

The other evening I felt the need to be outside, in the wind. To stare across the Salish Sea and ponder of the dreams I have – and wether or not any of them will happen this year. It’s bittersweet to look across at the Olympic Mountains, and know the National park is closed for the most part, and will stay closed for the foreseeable future (though some low areas are slowly being opened as a test).

The ferry still runs, still on the small winter schedule and barely anyone in line.

Watching it come in, I almost felt like I was in the late 90’s, before the Seattle boom, when this corner of the world was so quiet. When my oldest was a baby, and we’d drive onto the ferry on a whim. But the mountains were open. Patience I tell myself.

The ruins of the old ferry dock, from long ago.

Evening sun over the Olympic Mountains and the Salish Sea.

Fort Casey in the setting sun.


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