Gear Review: Hiwassee Trading Co Socks

For the past 12 or so years I have worn mostly Injini Socks (the toed ones) for hiking. Most socks are wasted on me, as I like my toes separated when I am hiking. But it isn’t to say I don’t like pretty socks. I was at our local very rural hardware store, during their customer appreciation sale and what did my eyes catch? Really warm and cozy looking socks. With a 20% discount I decided to splurge and try out a couple of pairs. Having worn them for awhile, I wouldn’t hesitate to splurge again.

Hiwassee socks are US made, which isn’t something very common these days. The socks are not cheap, I won’t argue over that, but I feel the quality makes it worthwhile. They are soft, luxurious feeling on the skin. Maybe that is the female in me, but I don’t like coarse wool on my skin. Merino wool is more expensive, but is soft.

Summit Stripe, a high calf sock. Solid tight fit, almost compression socks. Very warm. I wouldn’t suggest these unless the temperature has dipped into the 30’s or below.

Lightweight Signature Mini-Crew. On me they are a normal hiking sock height. These will fit with boots and low cut shoes. These are my go-to socks for casual hiking when I don’t need my toes separated. The thickness is daily wear, and you won’t over heat in them.

For both styles, the thickness is perfect in my Keen shoes. Not too thin, not too thick. They stay where they should be, and don’t slide as wool can do.


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Product was bought by us, all thoughts are ours.

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