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Spring at Maxwelton Outdoor School

Spring brings trips to the Outdoor Classroom for our school district. Tucked into the woods on the island is one of two salmon bearing streams, Maxwelton Creek. This spring the visits were about birds in the forest, but I might have had my eyes to the ground at times. The two trips were over a few weeks span, and the second visit brought less mushrooms and fungi, but instead we had ripe Salmonberries.

I like to think I learn new things every visit, from the volunteers. This spring I came out knowing a lot more about all the birds that are native.

The spring rains bring mushrooms on rotting trees.

Dicentra in bloom.

Mid spring brings Trilliums.

Building bird nests out of found forest duff.

Banana Slug.

The rains bring these out in huge numbers, especially on fallen Alders.

An empty bird nest on the ground.

Another wild crafted bird nest.

Late spring mushrooms.

The intense green forest that will rapidly dry in the coming month.


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