Gear Review: Luumi Silicone Bags & Bowls

When I first started backpacking, so many years ago, the world was a different place in many ways. And for me, there were many trade offs. If I didn’t have to clean pots, I used a lot less water, and no soap. Freezer Bag Cooking came out of my desire to hike more, and carry a lot less weight (water) and a lot less fuel needed to cook with. Even with my focus on our farm these days  of being mindfully more zero waste (we are aggressive with it), I never lost my love of FBC meals. But I can understand why single use plastic makes cringing (We don’t use single use at home for example anymore). I had been looking for a bag to do FBC meal prep in, as well as a reusable way to carry mess foods on dayhikes.

Luumi reached out to us with samples of their silicone items, and we have been testing the bag and bowl for awhile.

Their items are made of platinum silicone (first use, high end), which is made of sand. To add to it, Luumi will take back worn out items for recycling (silicone can be recycled).

While I wouldn’t carry these on long trips, for the typical overnighter many of us go on, this is a solution to stop single use plastics. The Bowl, with its metal clip, can haul dry ingredients with no spills. Open up, add in hot water, stir, and seal. Pack it out dirty and wash it at home. Simple, effective and it works. Due to being able to be sealed it can carry many things, such as cut fruit, that can make messes. Let me add that this bowl will come with us during huckleberry season, for picking in. With it having a bottom, and freestanding, it won’t slump over. You can also leave the clip behind, to save weight, and use the multiple closures instead.

Ironically, it hit me that this would be an excellent (but pricey) garbage bag when backpacking. It would seal in odors and not leak!

Weight is 231 grams, metal clip included in weight.

The Bag works well for FBC as well, but is a bit smaller. You can use the metal clip on it as well, for a tight seal. It works great for dayhikes to carry sammies and even cold pizza, by using the built in closures. It has multiple closures on top, to fit various sized food, folding as needed.

Weight is 129 grams.

Both can be found on Amazon as well: Bag & Bowl


FTC Disclosure: We received complimentary product for potential review. All thoughts are ours.

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