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Meal Review: Cold Prep Salads

Looking for inspiration if you need an easy way to have cold prep chicken and beef salad on the trail? PackitGourmet has a number of them, only requiring cold water and sit time, then enjoy out of the bag, or on your favorite carb. Curry Mango Chicken Salad - This cold prep salad has curry-spiced… Continue reading Meal Review: Cold Prep Salads

Food Finds · Trail Cooking

Meal Review: Tex-Mex Breakfast Taco

Breakfast comes down to two parties: The get up and go's and the lolly-gaggers. I can be both. It comes down to what I am doing. Back in the day, when I was doing crazy miles and I had 18 miles in front of me, I was up before dawn and on the trail, with… Continue reading Meal Review: Tex-Mex Breakfast Taco

Food Finds · Trail Cooking

Meal Review: Mom’s Banana Puddin’

Let's talk dessert. From my experience in hiking and backpacking, this is an area people don't think out deep enough. On many group trips I was often the only one who had brought a dedicated dessert. And there was never a lack of people willing to help me enjoy it. Including those sanctimonious hikers. The… Continue reading Meal Review: Mom’s Banana Puddin’