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One Pot Backpacking Fried Rice

After the last fried rice recipe I had a reader ask me about a fried rice recipe they had seen on REI's blog. So I set about to work on the recipe and see if I could work on improving it. I didn't use freeze dried eggs because I prefer fresh (it's all the chicken… Continue reading One Pot Backpacking Fried Rice


When You Decide It’s OK To Be Comfortable

A decade ago I was coming off the high of a decade strong of backpacking. I started backpacking as 2000 slipped into. I was going out 2 to 4 times a month, year round. Life was generally easy. I had one child and a flexible life. Even when child 2 joined us in 2010 I… Continue reading When You Decide It’s OK To Be Comfortable

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80 Days Of Summer

If you have children, pull up your calendar and count how many days summer break is. The vastness seems it will last forever, but then you blink and nights are shorter, and suddenly the school bus is there waiting as the leaves start turning red. When school lets out this coming week, the clock is… Continue reading 80 Days Of Summer


Spring In The Woods

One of the things I worked hard to be able to do was stay at home with our children, when we had them. In the modern world I am at times an antiquity it seems. It's a luxury, and it is my driving force on why I have written seven books over the years, and… Continue reading Spring In The Woods