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That Time I Wrecked A Brand New Titanium Pot

I was so excited. I had bought a coveted piece of gear. With money from selling trail cookbooks. I owned a brand new dull (ya know that Titanium ain't shiny) MSR 1.3 liter pot with lid. I was nearly huffing the smell coming off of it. As I left the REI that day long ago… Continue reading That Time I Wrecked A Brand New Titanium Pot

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Time Tested Backpacking Kitchen Gear

There was a time when I flittered from stove to stove, always searching for the newest. I had a new cookset every spring. And I reviewed a lot back then, often having been sent kit after kit to try out - and to review (hopefully). I had Rubbermaid bins of gear stacked up. When we… Continue reading Time Tested Backpacking Kitchen Gear

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Is It Worth It?

A long time ago (you know, in the 2000's and early 2010's) as the decade was closing in, a number of gear companies were having a major renaissance and producing some of the best cooking gear for the outdoors. MSR was producing some amazing pots and cooking sets. I had come into a number of… Continue reading Is It Worth It?