Fisherman Paths: Deadwood Lakes

Deadwood Lakes was a hike I had heard of from the late Karen Sykes, long ago. She had pushed me to try the hike through our chats, and she gave me the pro tip of finding the "trail" from across the highway, half a mile up the Pacific Crest Trail. It was easy to pick… Continue reading Fisherman Paths: Deadwood Lakes


Trail Of The Shadows In The Snow

Trail of the Shadows is in summer a short loop hike, a great leg stretcher after the long drive to Mount Rainier National Park. In winter it takes on a new look, snowy everywhere but where the hot springs bubble up from the ground. The trail starts across the street from Longmire, having come in… Continue reading Trail Of The Shadows In The Snow


Sourdough Ridge At Mt. Rainier National park

Take your children hiking. As soon as they can. There is no mythical "right" age, and the longer you wait, the less likely they will want to go. We drove up to Sunrise at Mount Rainier National Park on a chilly/windy day at the start of fall in alpine. Kirk told me to take Walker,… Continue reading Sourdough Ridge At Mt. Rainier National park


Naches Peak Wildflowers

Summer days call for driving to Chinook Pass and enjoying the season of wildflowers along the Pacific Crest Trail.  Some hikes are nothing more than to be outside and enjoy the flowers and views. We opted to park at Tipsoo Lakes, just below Chinook Pass. Hike the hillside to the left of the parking lot… Continue reading Naches Peak Wildflowers


Shadow Lake

Walker, Alistaire and I went for a early fall hike to Shadow Lake at Mount Rainier National Park, on a chilly day, with the sun mostly socked into the clouds. It's 6400 feet elevation at the Sunrise complex and the end of the road. As we left Sunrise we passed deer enjoying lunch in the… Continue reading Shadow Lake