Spicy Chicken Quesadillas

Spicy Chicken Quesadillas

7 ounce pouch chicken breast
2 ounces pepper jack cheese
4 soft taco size flour tortillas
2 large packets or 4 small packets salsa

Open chicken pouch and flake chicken. Mix in salsa and cheese, diced up. Spread mixture on 2 tortillas. Top with remaining tortillas.

Place 1 tortilla in your fry pan or pot over very low heat (dial the flame down). Brown tortilla on one until side crispy then flip and do the same on other side. You may need to move the pan a bit to avoid scorching. If you like extra calories you can fry the tortillas in a bit of oil on each side.

Serves 2


Look for individual pieces of cheese, next to the string cheese, in grocery stores. 2 ounces is 2 sticks. You can use more if you like it extra cheesy. Source salsa packets online or beg/buy at McDonalds. Think 5″ or smaller on the tortillas for easiest use in pans.

This recipe is from Trail Cooking: Trail Food Made Gourmet, from page 80.