‘From Scratch’ Biscuit Mix

A DIY mix for Bisquick and similar. Instead of shortening, oil is used, and then added as you make it. It keeps the mix fresher for a lot longer time on the shelf.
The mix can be used to make pan biscuits, pizza and more.
‘From Scratch’ Biscuit Mix

In a quart freezer bag pack the dry ingredients, stirring well then sealing tightly. Tuck the oil in with it.

Mix in the water, in the bag or in a small bowl, till well blended. Heat a nonstick frying pan lid or shallow/wide pot over a medium flame. Add in half the oil and heat up.

Carefully add in the dough and pat out, using the empty bag or your spatula. Let bake for 5 minutes, lowering the flame as needed.

Drizzle on the second half of the oil and flip over. Bake another 5 minutes or until golden brown.

The large biscuit will be super puffy and moist inside. Split in half and top with whatever you crave.

If you make in advance, store in a glass jar to keep fresh, then pack up for your trip.

  • Weight is 6 ounces dry.
  • For the oil, pack in a leak proof bottle or carry 2 packets.
  • Consider this a base mix for anything you can dream up.
  • Pizza? Split the recipe in half when it comes to baking. After flipping, top the baked side with sauce and cheese, it will melt as the back side cooks – top with a lid if you have one to speed up the melting.
  • Sweet? Add in sugar or honey, nuts, berries, fruit – chocolate chips….you get the idea!
  • Also works well as small biscuits dropped in oil and fried up.