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Foraging For Nettles

As Spring returns to the Pacific Northwest, one of the first signs is Stinging Nettles (Urtica dioica) coming up in damp areas. On our land, we see them first in the draw that goes into our well head. We get some amazing nettles there. These grow low to the ground and are typically lush and… Continue reading Foraging For Nettles

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Welcome To The New TrailCooking

Over the years there have been a few versions of TrailCooking. Our last version I was hoping would be the last to build, but we were hit by a hacker that did a number last year. It wasn't the first time - it's a lot more common than most people talk about. We repaired the… Continue reading Welcome To The New TrailCooking

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Meal Review: Wild Zora Soups

A bit back Paleo Meals To Go combined with Wild Zora Foods, and now has many more options. We picked up all three flavors of Wild Zora Soups to see how they tasted. Each flavor is Paleo friendly – and for us – allergy friendly. No wheat/gluten. No binders. No added sugar or milk. Just… Continue reading Meal Review: Wild Zora Soups

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Meal Review: Wild Zora Foods Caldera Chicken Curry

For those who follow a Paleo, gluten-free or an allergy friendly diet, finding commercial trail meals can be a hard venture. Much is based on cheap carbs – which don’t get me wrong, can taste great and fuel you – but are not always friendly to the body. Wild Zora Foods joined up with Paleo… Continue reading Meal Review: Wild Zora Foods Caldera Chicken Curry

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Chewy Granola Bars (Allergen Friendly)

Chewy granola bars are a trail staple. They are tasty, easy to eat and portable. However, if one has food allergies and/or is celiac, finding a commercially made bar that is safe to eat, and not $4 a bar is a hard road. For the past few years we had removed most seed butters out… Continue reading Chewy Granola Bars (Allergen Friendly)