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Cheesy Hamburger Rice

An easy to pull together FBC (Freezer Bag Cooking) recipe, with directions for One Pot Method as well. Boil water, and 15 minutes till dinner time. It's that simple. It's like mac n' cheese with rice instead of pasta, but with lots of tasty protein packed hamburger. If you don't like corn, add in any… Continue reading Cheesy Hamburger Rice

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Freeze-Drying Banana Bread Slices

All the rage in the fall was having freeze-dried pumpkin pie coming out of your freeze-dryer on the groups and forums of avid freeze-drying loyalists on Facebook and similar. Don't get me wrong, freeze-dried pumpkin pie is pretty phenomenal. The secret are those massive pumpkin pies, sold at Costco in the fall, thinly sliced, then… Continue reading Freeze-Drying Banana Bread Slices

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New FBC Recipe: Beef Alfredo Rice

An easy FBC (Freezer Bag Cooking) recipe that will fill you up on the trail! Beef Alfredo Rice has plenty of hamburger, along with corn and bell peppers and a smooth sauce to give flavor. Beef Alfredo Rice Pack in a quart freezer bag or sandwich bag: 1 cup instant rice ¼ cup freeze-dried ground… Continue reading New FBC Recipe: Beef Alfredo Rice

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Pinoy Adobo Chicken For The Trail

Long ago a reader shared their Chicken Adobo recipe with us, a Pinoy (Filipino) recipe. Not the Mexican dish, that shares a name only. Pinoy is made with soy sauce and vinegar, with a hint of sweet, where as the Mexican version is spicy with chiles and warming spices. Important to know so you are… Continue reading Pinoy Adobo Chicken For The Trail

Trail Cooking

Grizz’s BBQ Bowl Revisited

The original recipe was given to us by Perry, a hiker who I ended up meeting far later on in person at a blogger convention. He shared some of his go-to recipes (he was a chef) that he'd take with him on hiking trips. So the original dates back close to the start of the… Continue reading Grizz’s BBQ Bowl Revisited